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Importance of Active Play

Williams SE

Historically, the value of children’s play activity has long been held; physical activity (PA)-based or active play (AP), exceptionally, contributes to holistic health and serves in the optimal growth and development of children. Aside from all of the physical benefits, play in child development/education is important because of the other numerous benefits that it is viewed to provide children. However, despite the supposed value and decades of research documenting the critical role that play serves in children’s optimal growth and development, evidence related to the AP component and its direct effects on particularly academic achievement is somewhat limited. This lack of direct evidence of developmental and academic success often spurs intense debate related to the need for play. All AP, including that in the educational setting, must be continually defended and supported. This descriptive research is focused on the role of PA-based play and purposed to highlight and advocate the importance of AP, especially as it relates to academic achievement including the: value; evidence of effectiveness; as well as not only the prevalence, but also recommendations for further promotion and application of such in primarily the educational setting.